Better decision making in a fraction of the time

Assign clear roles and responsibilities, visualize tradeoffs, and capture the reasons why the decision was made.

What Olema gives you

A lightweight process for consistent decision-making

Provide your input anytime, anywhere
Visualize tradeoffs
Collect and reuse team knowledge
Built-in retrospection

Gather a diverse set of criteria and options

Too often, decisions are a yes/no vote on a single option.
Olema opens up a whole new world of choice in a way proven to improve outcomes.

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Create compelling arguments with data &  knowledge

Reduce the use of heuristics and replace with deep thought and data instead of quick reactions.

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Binge-watch your organization's strategic choices

Olema provides a secure repository of your team's strategic decisions. Your organization's story is written in these decisions, and now they are found in one place.

Integration with Slack

Our first integration. Many more to come. Let us know which you'd like next.

Frequently Asked

What does Olema cost to use?

Each Olema workspace has a 30 day trial with no credit card required. A trial comes with the full feature set and doesn't limit the number of users. After the 30 day trial period is over, each seat costs $9 per month.

Is there a free version of Olema?

At this time, we don't have a free version. However, we do have a 30 day trial with the full feature set. The yearly cost of Olema is comparable to the cost of an executive attending a single 60-minute meeting.

Do I have to be on a team to use Olema?

Olema is designed to be used with a group of people collaborating on strategy. However, Olema has been adopted as a personal tool for making individual decisions. And it has also been used by managers to keep track of decisions being made in live meetings. Feel free to try it by yourself - the value will immediately become apparent.

Is Olema useful for nonprofits?

Absolutely! Because of the frequent turnover at nonprofits and volunteer organizations, Olema is very valuable because of the detailed record of the past's strategic decisions. No more second-guessing why a decision was made by a previous group of leaders.

Do I really need another tool?

A recent study found 68% of managers and 57% of executives are dissatisfied with their decision-making tools. By using the status quo of meetings, docs, spreadsheets, and wikis, you are likely feeling this same frustration. Up-leveling decisions, supporting arguments, and evidence into Olema unlocks the visibility necessary to have better outcomes.

An organization’s most important product is the decisions it makes

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