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What Olema gives you



Lightweight process for consistent decision making


A secure repository of your team's previous decisions

Peer reviews

A rigorous technique preferred by scientists and software engineers


Inclusive cross team collaboration tools

Have you been frustrated with how your team makes decisions? You are not alone.

Olema replaces the status quo with:


If decisions are made in private and poorly documented, it leads to bad decisions and discouraged teams. It doesn't need to be this way. You can lead the change.


Without the right tools, tasks relying on judgment, intelligence, and creativity are difficult to perform and coordinate. Communication apps aren't the place to align.


Meetings often reward the loudest person in the room. Reduce the use of heuristics and replace with deep thought and data instead of quick reactions.

during times of organizational calm or crisis

An organization’s most important product is the decisions it makes

Olema is a truly asynchronous solution for deciding as a team and building a history of the details.

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How Olema helps

Reduce duration of time spent per decision by up to 90%

Objectives, constraints and options are clearly documented before you need to dedicate time. No more meetings to discuss having a meeting.

Democratize decision making

Empower equal voice with structured peer review and anonymous capability. The loudest and highest paid people no longer have center stage.

Make decisions on your own terms

Provide your input anytime, anywhere.

Perfect Alignment
across the globe

Devaway is a talented group of engineers, designers, and product managers based in Alicante, Spain. They specialize in working with entrepreneurs worldwide to turn concepts into working software as quickly as possible. With no time to waste, Devaway uses Olema to make decisions rapidly and correctly.

"We work with clients in Australia, Europe, and the United States. With Olema, time zones and language barriers are not an issue, and we are always on the same page on crucial decisions."
-Carlos Perez, CEO of Devaway

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