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Give your team the strategic context, voice, and time to decide the future together.

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Make, record, and revisit decisions - all at the right time.

An organization’s most important product is the decisions it makes. Olema is a truly asynchronous solution for deciding as a team and building a history of the details.

During times of organizational calm or crisis, Olema helps the correct people make the best possible decisions from wherever they are in the world.

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How Olema helps
Eyes Wide Open
Track and share your organization’s decisions

With Olema, it has never been easier to see what teams find important and what problems they are trying to solve. You own the production of critical decisions and share with those who need to see the outcomes.

Fewer Misunderstandings
Document and measure your team’s choices

Each decision made in Olema is backed by supporting arguments and documented for future viewing. The right information is always available. No more leaving a meeting with uncertainty about what decisions were made and the expected impact.

Spend More Time Directing
Fewer meetings and less follow up

Olema keeps things unblocked. We provide a friendly nudge when your teams are being asked to weigh in on a decision or if an important change has occurred. So you can spend more time on what you need to accomplish and less on chasing others.

Welcome Feedback
Add suggestions to proposals on your own time

When the emotional aspects of in person meetings are removed your teams are given a chance to be thoughtful. The feedback teammates provide each other in Olema is richer and more actionable. And those less likely to speak up during a meeting now have an equal chance.

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$9 per person per month after trial ends

Change the status quo with Olema
Great Ideas are Everywhere, not just at HQ

You have terrific remote teammates who are in different time zones. But they aren’t always able to actively participate in discussions without stress caused by translation, connectivity, and timing. They have so much to offer, but synchronous meetings and messaging apps are failing them.

Don’t block diversity by failing at inclusivity

Traditional meetings allow for fallacies and biases - conscious or unconscious - to easily surface. The loudest or most senior voices in the room often drown out diverse thoughts.

Give executives access to unfiltered information

The unspoken truth is that the higher you move up, the less you know what is going on. Everyone in your company should have access to the critical information they need - even your CEO.

Discover your hidden stars

In organizations it’s not always clear who is creating value. We give you the ability to see the natural leaders on your teams and also who is no longer being heard. It’s not always who you think.

The best decisions aren’t made on a whiteboard during a conference call.
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